Real Good Chicken

Still buying chicken the old fashioned way from your neighborhood butcher? It’s time you switched to Real Good Chicken. Apart from the ┬átaste, there are some really good reasons for you to switch:


Real Good Chicken is processed in our own state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified plants, completely untouched by human hands. The result is that your chicken is much more hygienic than the neighborhood butcher’s


Real Good Chicken is bred in our own farms on a natural, nutrient-rich diet and slaughtered at the right age, when it is most tender. All this, so you get tastier, juicier chicken


Unlike other frozen chicken brands, Real Good Chicken is fresh. Once processed, we seal the chicken in special Freshness-lock packs, chill it to preserve the freshness and deliver it every day to your neighborhood store

More Convenient

Real Good Chicken is completely dressed, cleaned and ready to go straight into the pan from the pack. Plus, it’s available in a variety of convenient cuts. So you don’t waste time cleaning and cutting the chicken

More Value

Unlike your neighborhood butcher who charges you a per kg rate for the entire bird, Real Good Chicken is all meat and no feathers. So, when you buy a kg of Real Good Chicken, you get a kg of meat, not feathers